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This is the site for owners of a AMC CUB, The Cub or Andersen Cub is a Mini based Mini Moke lookalike kit car and was produced in the ninties in the UK.
The Cub's chassis and frame is made of galvanized steel. The very low centre of gravity gives the Cub a handling charateristics even better than the Classic Mini.

The aim for this website and forum is to bring Cub owners in contact with other Cub owners and exchange tips plus ideas to keep these lovely cars running :-) There is a lots of extra info to be found on our forum, please follow the forum link on the left to become part of the AMC Cub community or to ask questions.

Feel free to check out also the other pages like history, Cubs from our members or other spotted Cubs on the internet. There is alot of general information and nice pictures to be found.

If you wishes to contact us, please send an email to:

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